Unlock Your Earning Potential with the

Consultative Sales Course

Ready to Take Your Earnings to the Next Level?

Introducing our Consultative Sales Skill Course A.K.A. "Learning to Love Sales" Program, the ultimate opportunity to transform your approach to sales within a medical spa setting and elevate your income like never before!

Are you feeling stuck at your current income level?

Selling can be difficult and we often have personal barriers that keep us from being able to reach our full potential.

Your fears likely include:

  • Not wanting to be too "salesy"

  • Thinking that the services should be selling themselves

  • Not feeling motivated by past client results

  • Thinking you don't have sale skills

  • Feeling like the services & products are too expensive

  • Feeling like you are being pushy

Selling MedSpa Services & Products should be EASY!

Yet most Skin Practitioners are not taught the skills of how to use relationship selling to achieve what we call a TRIPLE WIN - increased business revenue, transformative client results and meeting your personal income goals.

Ready for the GOOD NEWS?!

We have an online training program that will help you easily increase your medical spa sales, allowing you to reach your income goals and achieving the life you have always dreamed of!

A Message from Your Coach,

Joelle Thinga:

Hey there, sales superstar! I've been in the medical spa industry for over 17 years, and I get it – the ups, the downs, and the sales struggles. Are you feeling like you want your career to grow, but scared about your approach to sales? We know we need to sell services and products to grow our career, but often the approach taken in the industry leaves a bad taste in our mouth.

That is why I have spent 10 years designing the "Q.U.E.E.N." Method, a savvy blend of ethical persuasion and relationship selling that's proven to skyrocket your income and career growth!

Think of it as your ticket to sales success, backed by advanced skin treatment and product knowledge, and sprinkled with the magic of Compassion, Creativity, and Critical Thinking Skills. Let's ditch the frustration and embrace a future where your earnings flourish while you create genuine connections that matter.

Ready to level up your sales game and be a true QUEEN (or KING) of the medspa world? Buckle up – the Learning to Love Sales Program is here to light up your career. Don't miss out on the fun – let's boost your income together!

All You Have to Do Is:

Step 1: Watch the Intro Video

Get started on your path to sales excellence with our engaging introductory video. Discover the key insights and exciting journey that awaits you.

Step 2: Learn & Have Fun

Dive into an immersive 6-week online learning and coaching experience that's as enjoyable as it is educational. Uncover transformative strategies, refine your skills, and set the stage for your sales triumph.

Step 3: Watch Your Income Soar

As you implement the knowledge gained from the program, get ready to witness your income take flight. Experience the satisfaction of your efforts translating into substantial financial growth. Your journey to a brighter sales future starts now.

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